How To Add WhatsApp To Share Menu On iPhone

If you use WhatsApp every day, that means you frequently send and receive messages, and sharing a photo, video, or any other content to WhatsApp will be a common occurrence. This is where the share menu comes in. The iPhone sheet share entails three sections. The first one shows recently engaged contact. The second is a list of apps on your phone, and the last section is where you can take actions such as copying photos.

The share sheet helps to make sharing easy. You don’t have to open one app and another before you can transfer contents to them. You just have to click on the share menu, then it brings out apps you can share to. But, what if you get to your iPhone share menu and you did not see the WhatsApp app there? In this article, you’re going to learn how you can add WhatsApp to the share menu on the iPhone.

Can you Add WhatsApp To Share Menu On iPhone

Yes! You can add WhatsApp to share menus on iPhone.

In this article, we have listed out the various ways to easily add WhatsApp to share menu on your iPhone. All you have to do is to read and adhere to the instructions in this article.

How To Add WhatsApp To Share Menu On iPhone

Adding WhatsApp to Share Menu on iPhone is super easy. To add Whatsapp to your share menu, simply follow these steps:

  • Open One App On Your Phone

You can access the share menu on most of the apps on your phone. There will also be an option for sharing when you copy a text on your browser or notepad.

  • Tap The Share Icon

Let’s use the photo gallery as an example. After you’ve opened the app, tap a photo and click on the share icon. It will bring out the share sheet where there are three sections, as we’ve mentioned above.

  • Scroll Those Apps To Left

On the second section of the sheet share is a list of ‘share to other apps. Keep scrolling those apps to the left until you see an icon made of three dots, which means adding more apps to those listed. 

  • Tap The Share More Button

Once you tap the more button, it will bring out all the apps on your phone, including WhatsApp. The next thing to do is to tap on the edit button at the top right corner.

  • Add WhatsApp

In the list of apps shown, find WhatsApp and tap the toggle to the left. It will turn green, which means you’ve added WhatsApp to the share menu. After you’ve done that, then tap done to save it.

After this process, the WhatsApp app will be added to the share menu. You can now send files to WhatsApp through your iPhone share sheet.

iPhone Share Menu Not Working

If your iPhone share button is not working, this is an entirely different issue that needs to be solved. You won’t be able to do what we’ve discussed above if your share button is not functioning, so let’s discuss how to fix it.

If you want to fix your iPhone share sheet issue, try the following methods.

  • Restart Your Phone or Factory Reset 

As simple as restarting your device is, it most times solves some issues you are experiencing on your phone. If restarting doesn’t solve it, factory reset your phone. Factory resetting makes your phone new, just make sure to back up your data before doing it.

  • Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings can be said to be the opposite of factory resetting. When you reset all settings, you won’t lose any of your data or media but there might be some slight changes. This is how to reset all settings: go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

  • Disable Share Sheet Suggestion

Another way to fix the iPhone share menu issue is to disable the contact suggestion. As we explained above, there are three sections in the iPhone share sheet. You should disable the first section, which shows your recent contact. This is how you can do it: go to Settings > Contact > Siri & Search > Turn off the ‘Suggestion when sharing’ option.

  • Fix Contacts

The iPhone share sheet gets confused and crashes when it can’t obtain information about your recent contact. The solution for this is to make sure you properly register or save the information of people you’re contacting, either through a call or WhatsApp message.

One of these methods will fix the share sheet not working issue. But if it persists, update your iOS to the latest version or check if your phone does not have a virus.

Why WhatsApp Is Not Showing In Share Option iPhone?

There are a few reasons why WhatsApp might not be appearing in the share option on the iPhone app. First, you have not added WhatsApp to your share menu on the iPhone

iPhone Share Menu Missing App – How To Fix

If the problem you’re encountering is not seeing the apps, you’ve added to the share menu. This is how you can fix it. Note: all the above methods can also fix this issue.

How to fix the share menu missing apps:

  1. Change system language: changing your ios system language to English might be the solution to fix this issue. This is how you can change it: Settings > General > Language and origin > Add Language > Select your language > primary language.
  1. Close all the apps working in the background, after that check your sheet share to see if the apps are back.
  1. Wait for some days to see changes. If you just update your ios, be patient until they correct their mistakes.


While some people do not care about the iPhone share sheet, it is of great concern to other iPhone users. If this is you, we hope this article will guide you in fixing every issue you encountered while using the iPhone share menu.

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