How To Turn Off SafeSearch On iPhone

iOS users are often troubled with how to turn off SafeSearches on their devices. There are diverse situations that may have triggered a person to turn on safe search on his device, such as using it to prevent kids from viewing content that is above their age range.

Situations may arise where you may need to view adult content for people your age, and you find yourself puzzled about how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone device. Follow the step-by-step guide in this publication, and you will be able to turn off safe search in the game with ease.

Apple launched the SafeSearch feature to protect its users against content that they may not approve of. The famous tech giant is also known for caring about satisfying consumer needs in general and has integrated diverse features such as the “Find my phone,” activating SafeSearch, and a unique payment method.

This publication will examine in detail how to disable or turn off the safe search with ease. Safari browser serves as iOS major browser, and safe search is often integrated into the browser. However, iPhone users can also turn on SafeSearch on other browsers.

  • Turning off SafeSearch can be done using the settings program>screen time>content and privacy restrictions>toggle on contents and privacy restrictions> >web content>, and click on unrestricted access to turn off safe search.
  • You can turn off SafeSearch and auto-suggestions on browsers like safari when you launch the browser>visit >select the three-line icon on the left side of your screen, >settings>show explicit results.

How To Turn Off SafeSearch On iPhone

Turning on SafeSearch automatically limits you from viewing some content while browsing on your iPhone device. This is often beneficial to users who are trying to protect their devices from unwanted content and potential attacks from vulnerable or fake websites.

Hackers are often looking for additional methods of harming or stealing your data on the web, and safe search always serves as a shield against such potential threats. Turning off the SafeSearch option automatically lower your guard on the internet, and you may want to consider spending time to think about your actions before carrying them out.

You may want to turn off safe search for research purposes or to access adult or sensitive content on your device. Irrespective of whatever your reasons are for the need to turn off safe search, this publication will explain in detail how to get it done.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Turn Off SafeSearch

  • The first step is to unlock your phone and locate your settings option. Once you’re on the settings page, navigate your way to the Screen Time option and click on it.
  • The next step is to click on “Content & Privacy Restrictions” from the screen time page.
  • Check if the “content & privacy restrictions” is turned off. If turned off, ensure you toggle it back on.
  • Select the Content Restrictions option.
  • Tap on the Web Content button.
  • The next step requires you to select unrestricted access. And just like that, you will have successfully curbed any limitations that may occur while surfing the web.

Now that you understand how to turn off SafeSearch using the settings option, it is important to note that some browsers have their own unique inbuilt SafeSearch program that protects their users from explicit and harmful content. 

You can disable those inbuilt safe searches from your designated browser by using the browser settings option to access its privacy settings and turn off safe searches. Alternatively, you may choose to install the browser and install a different browser that does not offer safe search features.

Turning off safe searches on browsers also turns off auto suggestions that you may find annoying. Auto suggestions are additional words that appear whenever you are trying to discover something on the search engine.

Turning Off Safesearch On iPhone Browsers

Some iOS browsers were designed with their inbuilt SafeSearch feature in the hope of protecting users from harmful content on the web. For example, a browser like Safari has its inbuilt SafeSearch program.

Turning off the safe search option may not be effective on your designated browser, and that is why this publication seeks to explain how you can turn off SafeSearch on a mobile browser like Safari.

Turning off Safesearch on safari

Although the safari browser is popularly referred to as the Apple browser, you can turn off SafeSearch and auto-suggestions on the app by following the below process;

  • The first step will be to unlock your phone and open the safari browser. Then type in the URL while you wait for the search engine to load.
  • Look at the left angle of your screen where you’ll see a three-line icon. Proceed to click on it.
  • Then click on SafeSearch.
  • Toggle the button to turn it off.

Turning Off Safesearch On Bing

Bing is a world-leading search engine and is widely utilized by iPhone users who are seeking diverse information on the web. Your search results may be limited once the safe search is turned on in your browser. Here’s a fast, effective method of turning off SafeSearch on Bing:

Launch the Bing app on your iOS device and click the menu icon where you will then see the SafeSearch option. Toggle off the SafeSearch icon, and be careful not to exit the page without saving your action. All that’s required of you to do is to scroll down and click on save.

Turning Off Safesearch On DuckDuckGo

The DuckDuckGo app is another famous browser used by iPhone users. You may choose to turn off the safe search on the DuckDuckGo app by following the following process;

Launch the DuckDuckGo app, and visit the browser homepage where you can see the browser design. Click on the menu option at the left corner, and find your way to the browser settings. 

Scroll down until you find the SafeSearch option, and click on it to disable it.

Why Can’t I Turn Off SafeSearch?

There are few reasons you might not be able to turn off your SafeSearch. First, SafeSearch might be locked by the device or network that you’re on. Second, your browser doesn’t have the option to turn of SafeSearch.

If you are like many people, you may have noticed that Safari on your iPhone defaults to using SafeSearch. SafeSearch is a feature that allows you to search the web without having to worry about potentially offensive content. Unfortunately, you may find that you cannot turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone.


In summary, you should be able to turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone settings and any browser using the above methods. If you encounter any difficulties or have any questions, drop them in the comment section.

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