How To Turn Off Flashlight On iPhone 

Whether you are new to using the iPhone or not, there are several methods to use to turn off flashlights on the iPhone and these do not involve any technical skills as anyone can do it on their own. 

It’s a simple task that can come in handy in a variety of situations, whether you’re trying to conserve battery life or just want to turn off the flashlight after using it. The process is quick and easy, and we’ll walk you through it step by step.

Here in this article, we will discuss how to turn off flashlights on an iPhone, showing you some of the step-by-step processes involved in doing so. 

Hence, if this seems like what you are interested to learn consider reading the article to the end for more insight.  

How To turn Off Flashlight On iPhone 

With what you are about to read, turning off the flashlight on your iPhone shouldn’t be a big deal, as there are a few ways you can turn do that.  

Here is a wrap of it. You can either ask Siri to do it for you or you can use the Control Center on your iPhone with Face ID or use the Control Center on your iPhone with a  home button. 

Ask Siri 

First of all, Siri is a virtual assistant that is designed to assist users with a variety of tasks, such as setting reminders, making phone calls, sending text messages, providing directions, and answering questions. 

So, here are a few examples of how to use Siri to turn off your iPhone flashlight without having to do it manually yourself.  

All you need to do is to give it a plain command and it will do as you instruct it. 

You can simply say “Hi Siri, please turn off my flashlight” or, “Hi Siri, will you please turn off my flashlight.?” 

This is all you should do for Siri to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone and I think this is the most effective and fastest method to use.  

Use the Control Center on your device with face ID 

The second effective method to use is to simply turn off your iPhone flashlight through the Control Center on your device with face ID.  

Here is what you should do: 

  • First of all,  swipe down from the upper-right corner of your device to open the Control Center on your iPhone. 
  • Next, tap the Flashlight button to turn it on.
  • But if you want to turn off the flashlight, then you should tap the Flashlight button again.

If you don’t see the flashlight icon in the Control Center, you may need to customize your Control Center settings. To do this, go to the Settings app, then tap “Control Center” and select “Customize Controls.” From here, you can add the flashlight to your Control Center by tapping the green plus sign next to it.

Turn Off Flashlight from Lock Screen

 Tap and hold the flashlight icon until you feel the force feedback or vibrating sensation. Release your finger from the screen and the flashlight will turn off. The icon will also turn gray to show that the flashlight is off.

This method allows you to quickly turn off the flashlight without having to access the Control Center.

Why Can’t I Turn Off My iPhone Flashlight?

There could be a few reasons you might not be able to turn off the flashlight on your iPhone. Here are a few possible causes and solutions:

  1. The flashlight is stuck on: If the flashlight icon is stuck on and you can’t turn it off, try force quitting the Control Center. Then, try turning off the flashlight again.
  2. The flashlight is being controlled by a third-party app: If you have a third-party flashlight app installed on your iPhone, it may control the flashlight instead of the built-in flashlight function. In this case, you will need to open the third-party app and turn off the flashlight from within the app.
  3. There is an issue with the hardware: If the flashlight still won’t turn off, there may be an issue with the hardware. Try restarting your iPhone to see if that helps. If the issue persists, you may need to contact Apple support or take your iPhone to an Apple store for further assistance.

What To Do If Your iPhone Flashlight Refuses To Turn Off?

This can be an abnormal situation, as it does not happen all the time. Some people have shared their experience on how their iPhone flashlight refuses to turn off after some incidents such as water damage. 

However, here is what to do if your iPhone flashlight refuses to turn off.  

Restart your iPhone

Hold down the power button and slide to power off. Then, turn your phone back on by holding down the power button again.

Quickly disable the flashlight from the lock screen 

It is no longer news that sometimes using the Control Center on your device may still fail you. However, if you cannot turn off the torch in the Control Center, you can just turn it off from the lock screen. 

  • All you have to do is to press the power button to lock the screen. Now the light is still on. 
  • After that you should unlock your device and tap the camera icon, the flashlight will be off quickly. 

This method is one of the fastest to use whenever your iPhone flashlight refuses to turn off.  Still, if this doesn’t work for you, then consider following the next method to be safe and on track. 

Turn off the flashlight on your iPhone by factory reset 

In this case, all you need to do is to run the latest version of iTunes and connect your stuck device to the computer. 

You would see the “Restore iPhone” option. Click on it to be able to restore your device to its initial settings. 

Also, do well to remember to back up all your data within the device you want to factory restore as this may lead to losses of your stored data if not carefully done.  

This way you will place your device in its previous setting hence your iPhone flashlight will be easily turned off using this unique method. 


So far, you have now learned how to turn off flashlight on iPhone using Siri or through the Control Center on your device. Aside from that, we also discussed some methods to use if the flashlight on your device refuses to turn off, which can be done by anyone.  

All you just have to do is use the factory reset option to make sure to back up every one of your important data to avoid losing them during the process and you are good to go.  

With that being said, I hope this post will help if you still have some challenges fixing the flashlight on your device, then it will be cool if you contact the Apple support team for guidance. 

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