How To Turn Alarm Volume Down On iPhone

An alarm is one feature on every phone that is very useful if you don’t want to be late to work or you have an event to attend that you don’t want to forget. The alarm feature on your phone is the best to do the work of reminding and alerting you. An alarm is so important to us that if it stops working, we may get into big trouble.

If you use an alarm to wake you up at the same time every day, there’s a health benefit to that. And if you use an alarm as a reminder, you should know that it is a significant feature to have on a phone.

Right from the creation of smartphones, it always comes with an alarm feature. Apple devices are not the exception, every iPhone (from iPhone 1 to the latest model) has an alarm feature. Even the Apple watch comes with an alarm. 

Can You Set Alarm Volume On An iPhone?

Yes. The alarm feature on iPhones comes with changeable settings. You don’t have to settle with the default volume. You can set and control the alarm volume the way you want.

With an iPhone alarm, you can set it to keep alerting at the same time or day. You can name the alarm. For instance, if it’s a reminder of an event, put it on the label so that when it rings out, you will know what it is meant for. There’s also an option for snoozing and controlling the sound.

When it comes to sound, this is when the volume control questions pop out. Some people want to permanently reduce the volume while some just want to decrease the volume to their preference. This article is here to give solutions to whichever one you want to know how to do and give answers to all other questions you may have on controlling the alarm volume on an iphone.

What Determines Alarm Volume On iPhone?

The way you set the volume determines how it will sound. If you set it to ring quietly, it will. And if it was set to ring noisily, it will. So if it always rings loudly, this is how you can turn it down.   

How To Turn Alarm Volume Down On iPhone

In this article, I will show you the two ways to turn alarm volume down on the iPhone.

1. Do It Manually On The iPhone Settings

STEP 1: Open the settings app on your iPhone

STEP 2: Select Sounds & Haptics

STEP 3: Scroll down to the Ringer and Alerts Volume, and shift the indicator to the left or right. If you slide it to the left, the volume will decrease. You can also hear how it will sound when the alarm is set.

Turning down the alarm volume is as simple as that. If you don’t want to be going to the settings app every time you want to adjust the volume, this is how you can do it with the volume buttons.

2. Use The Volume Buttons

STEP 1: Open the settings app on your phone

STEP 2: Select Sound & Haptics

STEP 3: Scroll down to the Ringer and Alerts Volume 

STEP 4: Turn on the change with buttons option beneath the ringtone and alert volume.

Once you turn it on, you can now change the volume without going to the phone settings. This is how it works: whenever you want to set an alarm on the clock app, choose the tone you want on the sound list. When the tone is playing, then click down the volume button and set it to your preference. 

Why Does My iPhone Alarm Volume Go Down By Itself?

If you are having the issue of iPhone alarm volume going down by itself, this could be because you recently plugged an AirPods or earphone into your iPhone, or you mistakenly turned it down. Don’t worry, you can always turn it up again.

However, if you’ve checked that the volume is down and your phone is not connected to AirPods or any Bluetooth device. Then, it’s probably a glitch in the iPhone. You would have to wait until Apple fixes it. One other thing you can try out to fix this is to reboot your phone. If that doesn’t work, you should install the new iOS update or factory reset your iPhone.

How To Correctly Set Alarm So It Will Always Sound At The Right Time

In as much as it is confirmed that each alarm is set to sound and your phone is not connected to any Bluetooth device. The alarm will surely ring out at the right time. If it persists after confirming this, it is a bug that needs to be reported to Apple. You can send your report on this Apple feedback page.

Alarms Do Sound When Your iPhone Is On Do Not Disturb

If you worry that the Do Not Disturb mode will affect the alarm sound. The good news we have for you is that you can choose to not want to receive any notifications or mute calls by turning on the Do Not Disturb mode, but that doesn’t mean when you set an alarm it won’t ring out at the right time.

Alarm Do Sound When Your iPhone Is On Vibrate Mode

If you are the type that always puts your phone on vibrate mode, the good news we have for you is that you have nothing to worry about. Forasmuch as the ringtone is not set to any, the alarm will still ring out loudly when your phone is in vibrate mode.

Why Is My Alarm Volume So Loud On My iPhone?

Your alarm sound is loud because of the way you set the volume. You would have to go to the setting app and adjust the volume.

Does Lowering iPhone Volume Lower Alarm Volume?

Decreasing the iPhone volume won’t affect the alarm volume. Just as we discussed above, the Do Not Disturb and Vibrate modes won’t stop the alarm sound.

If you would prefer downloading a better alarm app on your iPhone, check out these alarm apps you can download for free on the App store.

Best Alarm Apps For iPhone


If you are a chronic late or deep sleeper, Alarmy will be of help to you. It comes with a feature that lets the alarm sound increase gradually. To make sure you are awake, you will have to answer some questions or solve a math problem on the app. The app is free and there’s also a premium subscription if you want to access all app features.


Do you want an alarm app that can boost your productivity? Galarm is more like a collaborative tool, with this alarm app you can set a future alarm date and can also add participants that will be notified at the same time.


Alarm clock for me is the best alternative to Alarmy, it comes with a good user interface. One feature that makes the alarm app stand out is the option to choose varieties of music on the app.


Just as the name implies, the loud alarm clock app won’t take it easy with you when it comes to the alarm sound. Until you wake up and shut it off, the sound will keep blasting to your ears.


How you control the alarm volume on your iPhone depends on who you are and where you are. Not everyone is a deep sleeper, just hearing a low sound will wake some people up. If this is you, we hope this article helps in adjusting the alarm volume on your iPhone to your preference.

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