How To Stop iPhone From Turning Off During Calls

One common issue that iPhone users experience is their phone turning off during calls. This can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to check your screen during call. There are a few things that you can do to prevent your phone from turning off during a call.

If your iPhone keeps going dark during call, then you’ve arrived at the right blog. In this article, you’ll learn why your iPhone always goes dark during calls and how you can get rid of it.

Why Does My iPhone Turn Off When I’m On a Call?

First, your iPhone is set to automatically turns off your phone screen after 30 seconds or more of inactivity. Second, a dirty sensor could also make your iPhone to go off during call.

The default setting for screen Auto-Lock on the iPhone automatically turns off your phone screen after 30 seconds or more of inactivity.

It doesn’t matter what iPhone you use and if you just got yourself a new iPhone, I am quite sure you must have been frustrated with this feature unless you know your way around it. 

And having to unlock your iPhone nearly every 30 seconds of inactivity can be super annoying, especially if someone other than you is using your phone.  

You will have to unlock it for them every single time it goes screen off, which most people don’t find cool for iPhones. 

Fortunately, there are simple steps to follow if you want to adjust your iPhone screen timeout to leave it on for much longer. 

However, here in this article, we will discuss how to stop an iPhone from turning off during calls for iPhone users.  

How To Keep An iPhone Screen On 

Here below you will learn how you can change the Auto-Lock setting that turns your screen off using a few clicks on your iPhone. 

  • Next, you should scroll down and locate the “Display & Brightness” option on your Settings app.
  • Next, In the Display & Brightness” on your Settings app, click on Auto-Lock. 
  • Next, choose the time you would want your phone screen to stay on after you last touch your iPhone. If you don’t want your screen always on, then choose never.

And mind you,  the options usually given range from 30 Seconds, to five minutes, and there is a ” Never” option as well. 

The” Never” option ensures that your phone screen stays unlocked all the time until you manually decide to turn it off by pressing the power button located at the side of your iPhone. 

This means you will have to turn your phone off using the side button whenever you aren’t using it, that is if you choose the ” Never ” option. 

Unless you have a suitable reason for keeping your phone on, do not use the” Never” option as this can be a better way to kill your battery quickly within some time of usage.  

Aside from killing your phone battery, it can also give chances for anyone to easily access your apps,  details, and personal information saved on your phone.  

However, Auto-Lock on all iPhones and other Apple devices helps to secure your data and information from intruders or any third party and also makes your iPhone battery last longer in most cases if properly used. 

The five minutes option is a better one if you are confused about which would be better to choose.  

It will at least save you from all the troubles and frustration of having to turn on your phone nearly every 30 seconds of no use. 

How To Stop iPhone From Turning Off During Calls

Follow any of the below-given tips to stop your iPhone from automatically turning off during phone calls.  

Disable The Reduce Motion Setting

As an iPhone user, you should know that turning off the reduced motion settings on your phone can help to solve the problem of your phone screen turning off during calls. 

All you should do to get rid of this function in your settings is to follow the simple instructions below.  

  • Go to your “Settings app”.  
  • Next,  you should tap on “Accessibility” in your settings.  
  • Next, you should tap on “Motion.” 
  • Turn off the “Reduce Motion” option. 

Clean The Proximity Sensor 

Can you locate the proximity sensor on your iPhone? If yes, try cleaning the sensor regularly to avoid it from being blocked easily.  

The proximity sensor on your iPhone is prone to collect dirt and dust. 

There are two ways of cleaning off dirt from the proximity sensor on your iPhone. It is either you blow the dirt off using air from your mouth or you use a microfiber cloth to wipe the dust off the surface of the sensor to keep it clean. 

So, to prevent it from getting blocked it is advised that you clean it often in case your phone screen won’t turn off shortly all the time.  

Adjust The Sensor If The iPhone Screen Goes Off During Calls 

One thing you should know is that when your sensor develops a fault, it may not be able to sense any activity going on in your phone.  

Hence,  your phone screen will automatically turn off sometimes even when you are using your phone such as making a call or typing a message on your device.  

However, it is advised that you should try updating your phone settings to the latest version to avoid going through the stress of turning your phone on whenever and every time it goes off. 

Here is what you need to do: 

  • Try updating iOS on your iPhone 
  • Next, if it doesn’t work then you should try to reset all settings on your phone.  
  • Next, Go to “Settings” and tap on “Reset All Settings”.

This process will only save your data and information,  but all other settings on your phone will reset 

And to ensure that this works effectively you should consider restarting your iPhone to boost the proximity sensor to perform its role as usual. 

Try The Power Button 

If the proximity sensor refuses to kick start, then you can consider using the manual method to activate your phone screen to stay on whenever you are on call.

To do this, all you should do is remove the phone away from your ear and then push the power button. 

The power button should help activate the screen and kick start the proximity sensor since it has refused to perform its role.  


Using any of the above-given guides will help your phone function well, but if your phone screen continues to turn off automatically whenever you make or receive calls, then you will have to meet an expert phone repairer.  

Otherwise, the tips given in this article are enough to keep you on track without having to go through the stress of turning on your phone every 30 seconds. 

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