How To Put Pictures Side By Side on iPhone

Have you ever wondered how you can put your pictures side by side on the iPhone? If you have, then this article is for you as here we will discuss how to put any pictures side by side on an iPhone without having to learn any editing skills.  

Mind you, editing photos uniquely has never been this easier on a mobile device, most especially on the iPhone, not until this era. 

You can now put any pictures side by side on an iPhone without having to practice any deep photo editing skills of any kind. 

You can also use either your phone directly to perform this operation or use a third-party app, which you can easily download for free of charge from the Apple app store.  

How Can I Put Two Pictures Side By Side?

Yes, you can put two pictures side by side on the iPhone. There are a few ways to do this. One is through the iPhone shortcut. The second method is using a third party app on iPhone called layout.

How To Put Pictures Side By Side on iPhone – Step By Step 

Sometimes,  you may want to make a comparison post using two pictures of yourself when you were obese, which is your former self and your present self when you lost some pounds.  

But if you don’t have such a single photo in your gallery, how do you go about it? 

This shouldn’t bother you, as I am going to be sharing with you some ways and methods you can use to sort it out. 

First, know that you can either use the in-built Shortcuts app on your iPhone or you can even decide to install a third-party photo editing app from the Apple store to be able to put two pictures side by side on your iPhone

Here is how to go about it.  

How To Put Pictures Side By Side Using The Siri Shortcuts App 

Using the Siri Shortcut App is a better option to use when placing pictures side by side on your iPhone as it is already preinstalled on your phone. 

But what you need to know is that not all iOS versions support this application except the iOS 12 above. However, here is how to go about placing pictures side by side using the Siri Shortcuts app. 

We will only be discussing how you can use the Siri Shortcuts app in iOS 14.

For iOS 14 Users 

This is how to go about placing your pictures side by side using the Siri Shortcuts app if you are using iOS 14.  

  1. First, Open the Shortcuts app that is already pre-installed and launched on your iPhone. 
  2. Tap the Plus icon to create a new shortcut.
  3. Select the Search Bar.

  4. Search for Select Photos and select the result showing on your screen.

  5. Select the blue arrow next to Select Photos.

  6. Turn on the Select Multiple toggle.

  7. Don’t exit. Instead, search again and select Combine Images.

  8. In the Combined Images section, make sure the mode field is set to Horizontally. If not, tap on Horizontally to change it.
  9. Tap on the arrow next to Horizontally to adjust how much space you want between the photos. If you don’t want any spacing, you can skip this step.

  10. Then one last time, search for and tap on Save to Photo Album.

  11. Tap the field at the top of the screen to rename your shortcut.

  12. Tap Add to Home Screen to make the shortcut available as an icon on the home screen.
  13. You can customize the icon picture and then tap Add, and it will appear on the Home screen. 
  14. It will automatically appear on your Home Screen.

  15. Go back to Shortcuts.
  16. Tap Done.

  17. Now open the shortcut you just created and select the pictures you want. (I selected two)
  18. Tap the Add button.
  19. Boom, it will be automatically added to your iPhone gallery.

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How To Put Pictures Side By Side Using A Third-party App Such As Layout 

You can choose to use a third-party photo editing app like Layout which enables users to incorporate several different photos in many ways. 

This third-party app can also be used for editing Instagram photos which is why they always appear amazingly beautiful. 

Here is how to go about putting pictures side by side using this third-party app.  

  • First of all, Open your Apple App Store to Install and launch the “Layout” app. 
  • Once you are done, go to the Layout’s Home screen, and then select the photos you want to put side by side.
  • Next,  the Layout app will display to you several combinations of your pictures on the top screen. 
  • You will have to choose the combination in which you want your pictures positioned side by side. 
  • Next,  you will see your selected open appear on the full screen afterward you can use filters and picture-enhancing tools to edit the photos.
  • You should click on “Save” which you will find on the top corner of the home screen. 
  • Once saved you will find the already edited picture on your phone gallery where your pictures are usually saved. 


Hurray! You have successfully learned how to place two pictures side by side using both Siri Shortcuts App and the Layout app and, mind you, you can get the Layout app for free when you download it from the Apple App Store.  

It also works fine on iPhones that do not support Apple’s Shortcut App. Hence, the Layout app is the perfect alternative to consider if your iPhone does not have the Shortcut App. 

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