How to Open MSG File on Mac – Step By Step Guide 

If you are a Mac user, then I believe you will find this article very important as here in this blog post we will discuss the step-by-step guide used to open MSG files on Mac.  

And if that’s what you are looking for then, you are in the right place where you will know the several ways to open MSG files on Mac with ease and with no errors.  

But before then, let’s first of all look at the definition of MSG file on Mac to know what it is. 

What is MSG File on Mac?

A MSG file is an item or document, for example, an email message, or task created or saved within Microsoft Outlook. 

This item usually contains all the necessary information about the task, which may include attachments to an email message. 

And just so you know, msg files are primarily used by Outlook but are also supported by other programs that use Microsoft’s Messaging Applications Programming Interface (MAPI).

However, MSG files are something that should sound familiar to you if you are a Mac user. 

And I assume that you must have seen several document files which among them must have been a MSG file and trust me, it can be so disturbing and annoying when you try to open the file but it refuses to open no matter how hard you try. 

The reason is that Mac doesn’t support the MSG document format, and that’s why I have decided to construct this article where you will learn several ways by which you can access a MSG file using Mac. 

How to Open MSG File on Mac 

Here below are different ways you can open a MSG file on Mac with no errors associated with the process. 

Run Outlook for Windows on Your Mac 

For this method, I suggest you should have an Intel Mac and then install Windows on your Mac. 

Also, it is very important to know that a Windows installation drive will be needed to carry out this process. 

Once you are done with installing Windows on your Mac, all you should do is hold on to the Option key. 

You will then have to choose between running Windows or macOS. And then you can install Microsoft Outlook when Windows has booted. 

This is how to read and open those MSG files that refuse to open initially.  

Install an MSG Viewer 

You can also install a third-party MSG viewer application that can quickly open Outlook messages on Mac. These apps convert the MSG contacts into VCF format.

Once installed, the MSG Viewer will enable you to open the .msg file, similar to using Microsoft Outlook on your Mac.

Install an MSG Converter 

Another simple way to open a MSG file on a Mac is to install a msg converter. These converters work exactly like MSG viewers which you can use on your Mac to open and use a msg file. 

Mind you, these MSG converters display these files in a format that can be used and is relatively similar to Outlook. 

And in case you need to download them on your device the best thing to do is to visit the Apple App Store for more information about these converters and how they work. 

Send It To An Account 

Another easy solution, especially if you have an Outlook account, is to quickly email the MSG file to that account as an attachment. 

Once you receive the mail in your Outlook account, you can try opening the file by double-clicking on the attachment this way you will be able to read the MSG file. 

If you don’t have an Outlook account, make a new one by visiting the site.  Search for to access the site on the internet.  

Use a Virtual Machine 

You may ask what a Virtual Machine is and how it works. Well, a Virtual Machine also known as Windows VM is a tool that helps to read documents created only in Windows. 

That being said, with the help of a Virtual Machine, you can easily view your MSG files without facing any difficulty or frustration once installed on your Mac. 

How Do I Convert Messages To PDF on Mac?

There are a few ways to convert messages to PDF on a Mac. One way is to download the MSG to PDF Mac Converter and set the tool on Mac. Another way is to use an online MSG to PDF converter.

Why Can’t I Open MSG files On My Mac?

Some people may experience difficulty opening MSG files on their Mac. This is because Mac doesn’t support MSG format. MSG files are created on a Windows PC by Microsoft Outlook.

In this article, we have shown you the several ways to open the MSG file on your Mac. Which of them worked for you? I would love to hear from you in the comment section.


With all that being said, I assume you must have learned one or two new hacks at how to open a MSG file on your Mac using any of the above-mentioned guides given in the article. 

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