How To Access Clipboard on iPhone 

For those who are fond of copying and pasting text and other files that can be stored on Mac, I bet you would be surprised at how limited the clipboard functionality on iPhone is.

If care is not taken, you may want to ask a question like this “Where is my clipboard on my iPhone?” Though, it is a good question to ask, as Apple doesn’t make it possible for its users to see their clipboards by default.  

And that’s not the big deal yet. The big deal is that since every of your clips are being stored temporarily on your phone’s memory, they get wiped out whenever your phone is refreshed, which can be annoying. 

And aside from that, it is impossible to store more than one clip on your clipboard which so many people don’t find cool with the iPhone clipboard functionality. 

So therefore, the only way to walk through this problem is to be careful so that you don’t lose any saved text, image,  or file.  

However, in this article, we will discuss how to find a clipboard on an iPhone and how you can manage it better. 

Does iPhone Have A clipboard?

Yes, the iPhone has a clipboard and there are a few hacks to access clipboard on iPhone. First hack, paste your clipboard in the Notes app (or any other text editor) to access your clipboard. Second, you can use an Shortcuts app to create a shortcut for showing your clipboard.

Where Is The Clipboard On My iPhone located?

This is one of the commonest questions people ask about the iPhone. First and foremost, it is very important to know that iOS has a very closed ecosystem unlike Android where you can easily see your clipboard. 

A clipboard is an internal function stored in virtual memory, but unfortunately iPhone users can’t see see the clipboard in any way by default. 

But, there is always a walk through and some few hacks you can use to access the clipboard on your iPhone. 

However, below are three unique ways to access clipboards on your iPhone and we will discuss them one after the other. 

How to Access Your Clipboard On iPhone Using Notes 

Do you know you can use Notes app to access the clipboard on your iPhone with no much stress involved? And mind you, this is one of the easiest ways to access and manage your clipboard on an iPhone. 

One reason using Notes is considered best preferred when comparing other methods is that it allows users to paste so many clips and access them separately.  

But sometimes this may not be the best option out there as keeping up everything in your Notes may cause you more troubles.  

 To access your clipboard, all you have to do is to open the Notes app or any other text editor and paste your clips. In this way, you’ve accessed your clipboard.

How to Access clipboard on iPhone with Shortcuts 

Apple has an option for users to adjust their clipboard on the iPhone, but this feature is hidden in its default Shortcuts app.

However, here is how to easily access clipboard on iPhone with Shortcuts: 

  • First of all,  launch Shortcuts.
  • Next, navigate to Gallery.
  • Next, search for adjust clipboard.
  • Next, add shortcut.
  • Next, Clipboard shortcut

Note that whenever you tap on the ‘Adjust’ option on your clipboard from the My Shortcuts tab, you will always get a pop-up menu with the option to edit your clipboard. 

If you don’t want to follow these procedures to adjust your clipboard, you can decide to call on Siri to Adjust Clipboard more easily. 

Accessing a clipboard on an iPhone with Shortcuts is a great way to manage your clipboard,  but the downside is that it doesn’t allow you to see your clipboard history in full, which isn’t too cool.

How to Access your clipboard on iPhone with Paste 

Another cool and much better way to solve the problem of how to see clipboards on an iPhone is by considering a third-party app. 

iPhones have greatly improved its system by permitting extension keyboards as well as access to the clipboard functionality to even non-Apple apps.

In this case, we will consider Paste as one of the reliable apps you can use to access your clipboard history on the iPhone

This non Apple app called Paste allows you to copy and paste not just one but multiple items on your iPhone device without you having to bother about where they are stored on your iPhone.  

And just so you know, the whole clipboard history will be stored in Paste, notwithstanding whether it’s text, links, images, screenshots, or any other file type that can be saved. 

The app also allows you to edit your clipboard right in the app and quickly copy it again to use somewhere else. 

Another unique feature of this app is that it allows you to sync your clipboard with your Mac, create multiple pin boards for bookmarks, and search for anything in seconds. 

And the good thing is that with Paste you can never lose anything you copy, whether it is a text, link,  or image. 


Here is it, and so far, we have discussed some of the ways you can access clipboards on your iPhone using three methods. 

And from what we discussed earlier, you can now see that “Where is clipboard on iPhone?” shouldn’t be a question when you have the right tools with you.  

Now you know how to open a clipboard on an iPhone with Notes, how to access a clipboard with Paste,  and how to go to a clipboard on an iPhone using shortcuts. 

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